Qualified Sommelier & WSET graduate.

WSET Approved Programme Provider.

Award-winning customer service.

My aim is to turn your staff into informed but informal wine experts. 

Duncan Gammie has spent over a decade in the hospitality industry, with the majority of that at a managerial level. During that time two things became very clear:

  • Well-trained staff are essential for any good hospitality business to succeed.
  • Staff training on the subject of wine is seriously lacking.

Before starting the Wine Service Trainer, Duncan worked for a small independent wine merchant and regularly spoke to a wide range of hospitality venues. During these meetings, businesses were crying out for someone to train their staff and host regular events at their business. Although the majority of these businesses could receive free training from the wine merchants, they found that this training didn’t happen regularly enough, wasn’t detailed enough and generally failed to meet their needs. Today, many of these businesses are now clients of the Wine Service Trainer and have seen a substantial return on their investment.

Since starting the business, it has grown from strength to strength. Along with being featured in several publications including The Herts and Essex Observer, Duncan Gammie has been asked to judge in the 2017 Hertfordshire Life Food and Drinks Awards. Within the first year of business, The Wine Service Trainer also won “Highly Commended” for Customer Service at the Herts Food and Drinks Awards and was a finalist for the Inspiring Herts best newcomer category.

Duncan G Gammie

Duncan G Gammie


Duncan worked in Australia for two years at cocktail bars and restaurants at a managerial level. It was during this time he started to visit vineyards, explore wines and read book after book on the subject.

On his return, he moved to the UK’s second best food destination, Edinburgh! Determined to increase his wine knowledge, Duncan applied to Castle Terrace as a sommelier, which at the time was one of the five Michelin starred restaurants in Edinburgh. For 10 consecutive months, he studied and impressively passed his Certified Sommelier exam with the Court of Master Sommeliers. Within another 10 months, he had progressed to be the Assistant Manager of Castle Terrace, a Michelin starred restaurant and had responsibilities that included creating and delivering weekly training courses for all of the staff on areas of food, wine and Michelin starred service.

After a brief hiatus to assist in his family business, Duncan then moved south to Hertfordshire and worked at a small independent wine merchant. Duncan thoroughly enjoys expanding his wine knowledge and continued his education through the WSET and successfully completed his Level 3. He met a lot of clients through work and used this time to build strong relationships with a wealth of local businesses. After meeting several restaurant owners that were crying out for wine training for their staff and wine tastings for the general public, The Wine Service Trainer was born.