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If you’re ready to learn about wine, we’re ready to teach. Each lesson takes only 20 minutes and can fit into the quiet parts of your day.


The online classroom works on a per site licence per month, meaning your employees can study as much as they want in a given month. These licenses can work out as cheap as £5 per employee.


You can see the performance and scores of each user. So when wine sales increase, you will know which employee is responsible.

An online learning system that can perfectly fit your business

“Really easy to use and a fun way to learn about wine”


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What is the Online Wine Classroom?

We believe restaurant, bar and hotel staff need to be trained in wine to be truly capable of doing their job, but we also fully recognise the difficulty of finding time for training. Our online wine courses have been designed specifically to work in the fast-paced, hectic environment that is the hospitality industry. Many staff focused businesses have now included the online classroom as a part of their new start training package, ensuring that all members of staff have a basic level of wine knowledge by the time they start.

Many of the business we work with love the idea of having well trained and capable staff that are knowledgeable about wine but struggle to get all the staff in the same room at the same time. As such, the online classroom is available day or night and can be accessed when your staff are ready to learn. Sessions start off at a basic level and quickly progress to more advanced topics, making it an ideal tool for all members of staff.

Each user is given their own login and their progress can be tracked, so you’ll know which staff are improving and who to give praise to as your wine sales increase. The online classroom is charged as a flat monthly fee, regardless of the number of users and as such offers great value of money.

All of the online classroom lessons are run by Duncan Gammie, a qualified Sommelier from a Michelin star background. Duncan’s ‘informed but informal” style to wine education is welcoming to all and encourages staff to develop their confidence on the subject. Each lesson is finished with a 10 question quiz, which ensures staff have fully understood the topic. Since the learning is sequential, users cannot progress onto the more complex topics until they have mastered the basic lesson and passed the quizzes at 80% or above.


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Mini Lessons

This course consists of several mini-lessons that can be studied at any time, in any order.

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Wine Intermediate Course

A more in-depth wine course for those that have completed the wine basics course.

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Free Trial Course

This course shows you the benefits of our online classroom.

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Wine Basics Course

An essential course for people working with wine.

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