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Working with you to give you the benefits of a resident wine expert but at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Would you like an extra £10,000 in sales per year?

On average, our consultancy clients have increased their wine sales by £10,000 per annum through bespoke results driven training. By developing staff that can talk about wine confidently, businesses can see a dramatic increase in sales.

Would you like to sit higher on Trip Advisor?
Our clients have climbed up rankings on sites like Trip Advisor. By offering brilliant wine service, customers have a more enjoyable experience and are more likely to review your business positively.
Would you like better staff retention?
Hiring and training new staff is costly and time consuming. Our training and staff development are proven to increase staff retention within your business in a simple and time effective way. We can either do this in person or via our online classroom

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Growth in wine sales over 6 months

  • Client 1 58%
  • Client 2 21%
  • Client 3 9%
  • Client Average 29%

Many Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants would like to have the advantages of a resident wine expert so they can:

  • Pair food and wine in a hospitality environment.
  • Drive wine sales forward
  • Offer an improved customer experience.

However, it is exceptionally tricky to find good staff and those knowledgeable in wine are even harder to find. With that in mind, Duncan has created a consultancy package that will give your business the competitive advantage of a Sommelier or wine expert, but at a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff member.

Our current consultancy clients have seen some fantastic results from working with us including:

  • Sitting higher on sites like Tripadvisor
  • An increase in footfall
  • A dramatic increase in wine sales
  • Seasonal, engaging and profitable wine lists
  • A calendar of regular wine event for their customers

In fact, many of our consultancy clients are on track to earn £10,000 a year in extra wine sales. Our consultancy package works on a rolling monthly contract in which the work load and price can be customised to suit the needs of your business. We also operate a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you feel we haven’t reached the goals we agreed, you simply don’t pay us for that month. To find out how we can increase wine sales and improve customer service, get in touch to arrange a no obligation meeting.